Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is ESSCO?
A. ESSCO is the largest distributor of vacuums, equipment, and supplies in North America.

Q. How do I buy from ESSCO?
A. If you are a vacuum equipment dealer or repair shop, click here to register with ESSCO.
If you are a home user or vacuum owner looking for a part, contact your nearest vacuum repair shop.

Q. I am a vacuum equipment dealer. Why should I buy from ESSCO?
A. ESSCO provides easy online ordering and competitive pricing, can deliver most products within 48 hours nationwide, has exclusive brands like Cirrus and Powerstar and has the moste experienced staff of customer service representatives in the industry.

Q. Why can’t I sign in using my username and password?
A. Make sure you’re typing in the correct username (which is the same as your ESSCO account #) and that you are typing in your password correctly (Passwords are case sensitive)

Q. I know my username and case sensitive password and I still can login to your site, why?
A. For security reasons your computer’s date and time must be current, if not you may not be unable to login.

Q. I lost my username and/or password. How do I retrieve them ?
A. Provided we have your current email address on file, you can retrieve your login information here: Username/Password Reminder

Q. I requested my lost username/password through the link above and I haven’t received it. Why?
A. It may have gone into your junk mail or we may not have your current email address on file.