Tech Tips

(A new Tech-Tip is added each time a new sales flyer comes out)
Feb 2016 (From Joe's Corner)

 Are you looking for a less expensive paper bag to fit the FC1000 Oreck canister?  Carl at All Vac Vacuums in Ventura, Ca. has the answer:  use the Riccar style H bag (Essco number RSR-1443).  Thanks Carl! 
Do you need a  cheaper brushroll for a Bissell 8852 steam cleaner? Craig at Brenda’s Vac Shop in Thorndale, Pa. says to use the 5-row brush (Essco number B-203-0126) instead of the original 6-row brush.  Thanks Craig!
Meanwhile Steve at A & M Sewing & Vac in San Luis Obispo, Ca. mentioned that the Panasonic UB-1 belt will fit the Miele upright vacuums like the S171 model.  Thank you Steve!
Ray at A-1 Vacuum Cleaner Showroom in Cape Coral, Fl. Told me that the CV-3630 control module will fit the Air Vac VX6000 model.  Simply tape over the light holes on the inside to keep out the dirt. Thanks Ray!  

This last tip comes from Justin at the House of Sewing & Vacuum in Vancouver, Wa.  Did you know that the EXR-3427 switch will fit the Shark Navigator model NV22L?  It does. Thanks Justin!

October 2015 (From Joe's Corner)

This first tip comes from Essco’s own Tom Stockard.  Are you looking for a belt to fit the Shark Navigator?  Use the Hoover belt H-562535001. Thanks Tom!
Meanwhile;  these next two tips come from Steve and Randy at The Woody Mann Company in Richardson, Tx.   Did you know that the CP-2000 brushroll will fit the Riccar and Simplicity models R-700, 800, 2200 and 8000?  They do. 
Also If you are looking for a belt for a Fuller Brush Tidy Maid,  use the Eureka Bravo belt.   Thanks Steve and Randy!  
Please remember to keep those tips coming in.

August 2015 (From Joe's Corner)

This first tip comes from Cousin Al at Kirby of Fishkill in Fishkill, N.Y.   Are you in need of the old Bissell CP7 pump which also fit the Oreck, Regina, and Thermax extractors?  Use the Hoover Agility pump
(H-90001105). Thanks ‘Cuz! 
Are you having trouble finding a Miele canister switch?  Jim at the Vac Shack in McMinnville, Tn.  Says the Dyson switch (DY-91097101) or the Bissell switch
(B-203-1316 for the Healthy Home models) will work.   Thanks  Jim! 

Since the Bissell Prolite style 6 bags are no longer available, what does a person use?  Mark at Delone’s Vacuum & Service in Philadelphia, Pa. has the answer. 
He said that the Bissell style 5 bag  (B-32028) will fit the bag adaptor perfectly.  This bag is a little shorter, but will work. 
Thanks Mark! 
Remember to keep those tips coming!

April 2015 (From Joe's Corner)

Are you looking for a bag to fit the Top Vac Pro?  The Royal P bag is the one you need!

The bag holder for the Royal AiroPro canister is no longer available.  What is a person to do?  Claude at Great Bridge Sewing Center in Chesapeake, Va. Has the answer!  Use the Eureka/Lux OX bag!  It fits the machine without using a bag holder.   Thanks Claude!  

Are you looking for a good lubricant for powernozzles, rug tools, or under any upright machine? Essco’s own Rick Fetch has the answer;  Spray food grade
silicone (part number SS-8022) on the under side and watch how smoothly they work.  Thanks Rick!

Please remember to keep those tips coming in.

December 2014 (From Joe's Corner)

Need a short shaft Filter Queen power nozzle motor for an older model?  Essco’s own Margo Reid has the answer.  Simply take a long shaft Eureka power nozzle motor ROR-6050 OR  ER-6050 and put it gently and snugly into a vise so the plastic housing doesn’t crack.  Next;  direct wire it to run.  Then, while wearing safety glasses, put a hacksaw blade to the shaft while it’s running  and it will pretty much cut itself to length. Remember to mask off the the part needed so too much isn’t cut off.  Thanks Margo!
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Please remember to keep those tips coming in.
September 2014 (From Joe's Corner)

This first tip comes from Essco’s own Stuart Weinstein.  Stuart says “ In order to adjust the nozzle on a vacuum cleaner,  take a pencil and slide it under the head by the brush and lower the adjustment until it has a little drag when you pull it out.  This will be the proper height for the nozzle”.  Thanks Stuart!

Meanwhile, Lowell at  Vacuums Etc. in Highland, Ca. says that the Cirrus CR79 brush strip will fit the Simplicity & Riccar 7000 & 8000 series machines.  Thanks Lowell!

Are you looking for a Rubbermaid 9VBPPB10 paper bag?  Craig at Brenda’s Vac Shop in Thorndale, Pa. says the Proteam Supercoach 10 quart bag
will fit.  Craig also mentioned  the Bissell Pro-heat Extractor geared belt BR-1075 will fit the Hoover UH40080. Thanks for both tips Craig!

Remember to keep those tips coming in!

June 2014 (From Joe's Corner)
Did you know that the FB-40017 Fuller brush hose for the CC1 is the same as the Riccar 1400?  Steve at The Woody Mann Company in Richardson, Tx did. 
Thanks Steve!  Are you looking for a belt to fit the Dyson DC41? Paul at Classic Vacs in Meridian, Id.  Says the Bissell right side belt for the 2X extractors (B-203-6804) will work just fine.  Thanks Paul! 
Are you looking for a way to clean out hoses?  Ken at Coastal Sew & Vac in Gulfport, Ms. has the answer!  Ken finds that many clogged hoses are sticky inside with who-knows-what (he really doesn’t want to know).  Ken says that old brushrolls with soapy water can be fed
through the hoses and remove the clog. With all the different size brushrolls, you can usually find one that will fit your hose! Thanks Ken! 

Please keep those tips coming in! 
March 2014 (From Joe's Corner)
Are you looking for a Sebo X-1 or X-2 belt from the motor to the pulley?  Dan at Suburban Vacuum in Elmsford, N.Y. says the T-210 belt  (HP-7227-01 genuine, or HPR-1075 replacement) will work.   Thanks Dan! 
Did you know that the Hoover Concept replacement belt (HR-1035) will work pretty well on Riccar and Carpet Pro uprights?  Steve at Maryville Vac in Maryville, Tn did.  Thanks Steve! 
Essco’s own Rick Fetch’s shares these tips. Recycling can bring in much needed extra money and Rick mentioned calling a local recycler to make arrangements to re-use cords, armatures, fields, etc.  With the price of copper staying high;  cords can bring  in $1.65 per pound.  
Rick also stated that a couple of sprays of food grade silicone (Essco part number SS-8022) to the bottom plate and wheels of the vacuum cleaner can make a world of difference in the pushing and pulling of your machine. Thanks Rick!  
Dec 2013 (From Joe's Corner)
Are you looking for a wrap around filter to fit the Hoover Celebrity III & IV models?  Deb at Conrad Co. in Shorewood, Ill. has the answer.  The Bissell replacement style 10 filter (Essco #BR-1880) will work.   Thanks Deb! 

Did you know that Essco now offers a replacement hose for Windsor sensor and Sebo machines?  Chad here at Essco says the SER-4000 @ $12.75 is the complete hose assembly.   Thanks Chad!  

Are you looking for a belt to fit a Riccar model 8955?  John at Fountail Valley Vacuum & Sewing in
Fountain Valley, Ca. says that the Royal Style 12 belt will work.  
Thanks John!

Oct 2013 (From Joe's Corner)
Did you know that the Buckeye “Dealer Dashboard” feature has been added to the Essco website?  It has, thanks in part to Essco’s own Barby Crabb, and is it a lifesaver.  This feature offers a quicker way to place orders and a more user friendly way to look up parts.   Thank you Barby! 
Are you looking for a brushroll for a Triton upright vacuum?  Alan at Lincoln Vacuum in Lincoln, NE. says the 14” square end Royal metal line brushroll is the same.  Thanks Alan.
Are you looking for a telescopic wand for a Europro Shark Infinity?  Cooper at Atascadero Sewing & Vacuum in Atascadero, CA. says the Cirrus C-50010 will fit.   Thanks Cooper!
Did you know that the Panasonic motor P-60188 is the same as the Dyson DC25 motor?  Roseann here at Essco did!  Thanks Roseann!

Sept 2013 (From Joe's Corner)
Did you know that the Oreck model MC1000 canister uses the Bissell Zing bag B-3210?  Craig at Brenda’s Vac Shop in Thorndale, Pa. did.  Thanks Craig.  Are you looking for a belt for a Dyson DC41? Dave at University Vacuums Plus in Fargo, N.D. says the  Bissell belt B-203-6688 (left side belt on the Pro Heat 2X steamers) will fit although this belt is a bit thinner.  Thanks Dave!  Are you looking for an inexpensive way to turn your central vacuum into a shop vac to pick up wet spills?  Essco’s own Chad Lepp has the answer.  Essco part number DC-17415004 is a stainless steel separator tank with a 6 foot hose, 2 plastic wands and a squeege tool.  Priced at $74.75;   this unit (commonly called an interceptor can) will handle even the largest  spills.  Thanks Chad!   Did you know that the Eureka E-62370 (BV-2) backpack bag for the SC412 also fite the Carpet Pro SCB1 as well as the BP1400 Piranha PF300BP?

June 2013 (From Joe's Corner)
Are you looking for a brushroll to fit a Rubbermaid model 9VUL12?   Try the RO-JR0010 which also fits the Hoover C-1320, U4707, and U4730.  Thanks to Craig at Brenda’s Vac Shop in Thorndale, Pa. for that tip.  Did you know that the Tennant model SMU14 uses the Riccar style ‘B’ bags?  Erik at Rainbow Vacuum Center in Glendale, Ca. did.  Thanks Erik!  Meanwhile Lou here at Essco mentioned that the Sanyo SCP5  and SCP5A bag is the same as the Kenmore 5011 .  Thanks Lou.  If you need to know how to make the FA-5850 tool kit adapt to the hose on the Panasonic MCUG223;   Essco’s own Steve Ambrose has the answer.  Order adaptor FA-5706.  This hard plastic end is tapered and will fit perfectly into the Panasonic hose end.  The other end of the adaptor is not tapered and needs to be glued on to the hose end from the FA-5850 kit.  Thanks Steve!  Finally Essco’s own Margo wanted me to remind everyone that the Hoover Duros canister uses 35mm tools.  The HP-7250 metal adaptor will allow you to use fitall tools on the Duros.  Thanks Margo.

April 2013 (From Joe's Corner)
Royal has come out with two filters which look similar but fit differently.  They are the F-59 and F-66 filters.  Thanks to Essco’s own Tom Stockard for  getting the correct descriptions.  The F-59 filter (RO-04707) is 4” X 4” X 1.75” and has gaskets on both sides.  The F-66 filter (RO-047080) is 4” X 4” X 1.69” and has a gasket on the non-foam side.  The F-59 filter is 1/16” taller than the F-66 filter.  Pictures of both filters appear on Essco’s website.   Central vac installers:  You can now get your name and phone number printed on the PVC tubing at no extra cost when you order a minimum of 40 bundles (each bundle is 10 - 8 foot sticks).  This is a great marketing tool especially in new construction which is starting  to increase again.  Builders don’t want to take care of central vacuum issues.  This will send their customer to the actual installer.  Thanks to Essco’s own Caroline Kucinski for that tip.  Now that Hoover and Royal parts will be harder to get,  please ask about Essco/Buckeye replacement parts.  Are you looking for a brushroll to fit a CT-110?  Cooper at Atascadero Sewing & Vacuum in Atascadero, Ca. says that the Hoover Elite brushroll will work.  Thanks Cooper.

March 2013 (From Joe's Corner)
Replacing carbon brushes on a motor?.
Here are some quick facts you should know. Typical suction type canister motors have carbon brushes that last between 500 to 600 hours. By the time  those carbons 
Need to be replaced the commutator may be pitted and uneavenly  worn. If you simply replace the  carbons, the contact area of the commutator may overheat and damage the motor.
The proper procedure is to run the motor at 50% voltage and immeadiately apply a carbon seating compound to the commutator. For badly discolored commutators  also use a harder stone called diamond stone seater. Run your motor for 20 to 30 minutes at 50% voltage. You should expect sixty percent of lifespan of those original brushes on the new install.
SS-6300  OR SS-6301  SEATER
Are you noticing a water leak on a Hoover V2 Steamvac?  Mark at Delone’s Vacuum & Service in Philadelphia, Pa. found that replacing the gravity solenoid (H-25686057) usually fixes the problem.  This piece is located under the hood next to the turbine & gear  and held in by one screw.    Thanks Mark!   Did you know that the Kenmore Magic Blue bag (KER-1419) also fits the Simplicity  Scout?  Glenn at Discount Vac & Sew in EL Cajon, Ca. did.  Thanks Glenn.  By the way, this bag also fits the Bissell Butler.  Did you know that the Kenmore 20-5282 belt is the same as the Panasonic UB10?  It is.   Please keep those tips coming in!

January 2013 (From Joe's Corner)
This first tip comes from Essco’s own Steve Ambrose.  Steve  cautioned us that the Hoover model FH50220 steamvac came in 3 types: A, B, and C.  Three reservoir trays were used on these machines.   Type A machines take the H-303806001, type B uses H-303963002 and type C uses H-440003355.   Please visit the Essco website and view the changes on these models.   Thanks again Steve!  Meanwhile;  John Kish here at Essco says the DYR-7600 Dyson seal can be used in place of the lid pad filter (DYR-1800).  
This seal  goes underneath the hepa filter (DYR-1802) on the DC-07 model and may prolong the life of the filter.  Thanks John.  Finally,  on the central vac side, Canplas has made a running change on their full door Supervalves.  Instead of using a fixed mounting plate,  these valves have a more desirable mounting plate allowing  the installer to mount the plate on the right or the left side of the stud.  This change was first noticed by Paul at Mid-America Vacuum Centers in Crystal Lake, Ill.   Thanks Paul.

Dec 2012 (From Joe's Corner)
Are you looking for a brushroll for a Dyson DC33?  Essco’s own Richard Mankoff says the DYR-2000 fits perfectly!  Thanks Richard.  Meanwhile;  Caroline in purchasing said that Kirby changed the generation bottom plates to K-152689.  This bottom plate has 4 supports.  If you use the K-156293 (G-3 and G-4) brushroll, it will scrape against the side of the plate.  Kirby knows this and has determined that it is not an issue.  Eventually the bristles will wear to the side of the plate.  Thanks Caroline!  Are you looking for a belt to fit a  Lil  Lux model L150A?  Bob at All-Vac Service  in Groton, Ct. says the Bissell belt B-203-6804 will fit.  Thanks Bob.   Do you need a belt for the H-P Turbo Zoom?   Mike at The Machine Shop in Highland, Ill. says the KER-1079 (Kenmore 3-1/2” serpentine 20-5201) belt will work.  Thanks Mike.

Oct 2012 (From Joe's Corner)
Are you looking for a bellows for an old Eureka Ultra?  Bill at Wehrli’s Vacuum Center in Naperville, IL.  says the Sanitaire model SC9050 Duralite bellows (Essco # E-78755-380N) is the same.  Thanks Bill.  Do you ever get calls for a robotic vacuum that actually works well?  Try the Neato robotic vacuum.  With light sensors and an easily programmable cleaning program, this machine has enough weight to get deep inside the carpet and do a good job getting the dirt out!  Meanwhile, here is a short list of Kenmore belt numbers and a conversion to Essco part numbers:  Kenmore # 20-5285 (geared) is KER-1075,  20-5201 (3-1/2” serpentine) is KER-1079, 20-5218 (3-3/8” serpentine) is KER-1080, and 20-5275 (smooth new style) is PR-1010 (UB-8).  I hope this helps!
Sept 2012 (From Joe's Corner)
Are you looking for a circuit board for an Electrolux central vac model 1590?  Dale at Augusta Vacuum in Augusta, Me. Has the answer:  Use the Hayden HA-811804A module.  You need to modify the housing to the mounting holes as this board is a tad larger. Once you have done that;  this board works like a charm.  Thanks Dale!    Would you like to sell more vacuum bumpers? Jim at AAA Vacuum in Colorado Springs, Co. has a great idea.  Put bumpers on your loaners and people will see them and want them on their own machines!  Thanks Jim.    Are you looking for a brushroll for a Triton Vacuum?  Alan at Lincoln Vacuum in Lincoln, Ne. says the 14” square end Royal metal upright brushroll is the same.  Thanks Alan!   Have you purchased the Cirrus bagless CR59 machine and can’t find the handle screws?   Essco’s own Denise says to look under one of the foam packing pieces in the box and you will find a small plastic bag with the 3 screws.   Thanks Denise!   Remember to keep those tips coming in!

July 2012 (From Joe's Corner)
Are you looking for a brushroll for the Simplicity S24 and S36 canisters?  Essco’s John Kish has the answer.  The BI-56520 fits these models as well as the Cen-Tec model CPB-100.  Thanks John.    Also,  John mentioned that the Kenmore uprights using the KC76KCJNZ000 circuit breakers can use the P-34420 as a substitute.  These uprights are the models using the motorized brushrolls.  This circuit breaker is a little narrower, however it can be made to work.  Thanks again John!  Meanwhile;  do you have an older Bissell Pro-heat steamer that doesn’t spray or vacuum on the “carpet” setting?  Fletcher at  Parma Vacuum in Parma, Oh. has the answer!  Remove the heater from the handle and clean out thoroughly.  Also, remember to flush the lines and jets.  Thanks Fletcher.   Are you looking for a less costly and more readily available wand for the Kenmore power-team model 116.25812503?  The original wand KE-KC99PCPSZV06 is very costly,  but the Panasonic P-99PDGBZV06 is less than half the cost. This wand doesn’t have the dirt sensor light feature, but will still fit, function and telescope in the Kenmore’s place.  Thanks to Sandor at Newtown Sew & Vac in Newtown, Pa. for that tip.

June 2012 (From Joe's Corner)
First let me start off with a correction: Last month I mentioned that the Royal Dirt Devil replacement style 15 belt was a good substitute for the Hoover 058 or 033 belts.  Steve at Tom’s  Vacuum Clinic in Lexington, Ky. mentioned that this belt is too short and will put too much pressure on the brushroll.  Thanks Steve.   Meanwhile:  if you are looking for a rug plate gasket for the Dyson DC-07 and DC-14, Kevin at San Gabriel Vacuum in Temple City, Ca. has the answer. The Eureka Sanitaire motor gasket E-30517 is the exact fit.  Thanks Kevin!    Are you having problems with the nozzle housings warping due to excessive heat on the earlier Bissell Pro Heat models?  Clint at Vacuum Cleaner Exchange in Belleville, Ill. has the solution.  Simply remove the old autoload receiver and replace it with the autoload receiver from the 2x models (part # B-203-6758).  The stem on this receiver is longer and will help release the solution.  Thanks Clint!   Finally;  if you have a Hoover Mach 5 or Mach 6  such as a U5194-900,  the belt may slip off the shaft.  The older Hoover self propelled models like the U6425-900 have a pulley bearing  (H-43241006)  with a plastic tire around them.  This plastic tire is removeable and can be used on the Mach 5 bearing to put more tension on the belt and keep it from slipping off the shaft.  This tip comes from both Essco’s John Kish and Vacuum Cleaner Exchange’s Clint.   Thanks guys.

October 2011 (From Joe's Corner)
Did you know that the Royal style 20 belt is the same as the Hoover Elite belt? It is.
Did you know the Hoover 'B' bag and the Royal 'B' are the same? They are.
Attention central vacuum installers: Are you looking for the best plaster guard that also seals the piping to prevent leaks ? Try the CV-0609.
June 2011 (From Joe's Corner)
Thanks to Essco’s own Steve Ambrose for this tip. Put an end to twisted & kinked cords. Dealers; remind your customers that cords need to be wound up and around single or double cord hooks, starting closest to the vacuum cleaner winding up towards the male plug. As you wind the cord, the male plug end flips & flops allowing kinks to work their way out. If you start winding at the plug end, wrapping it around your hand to elbow, as many people do, it forces kinks into the cord. Need more proof? Wind up 50 to 75 feet of garden hose starting from the nozzle end and see what it looks like!

Do you have a Eureka vacuum that uses a cloth bagwith a two-screwcoupling but you only have a latchstyle cloth bag? ESSCO part # ER-1610 is a bag adaptor which will allow the use of the latch style bag on that machine.
Did you know that the Rug Rat geared belt HP-6323-01 will also fit the Miele canisters? It will. Alsothe Bissell Digipro belt B-203-4401 will fit the Samsung Quiet Stormpower nozzles.

Did you know that the Eureka/Electrolux Oxygen upright belt # E-39969 will fit the Hoover Savvy? It does!

February 2011 (From Joe's Corner)
Thanks to Essco’s own Pat Trujillo for finding  the old latch mending repair kits for the plastic housing model Rainbow vacuums.  Part # RR-7540 includes U shaped metal bracket and 4 rivets.  The cost is $7.72.   Are you looking for a Hoover 38528058 belt?  Hoover says the 38528033 belt is a good substitute.  Are you looking for Dyson clutch belts in replacement?  Carlos at C & C Vacuum in San Jose, Cal has the answer:  Eureka replacement powernozzle belt ER-1050 and Bissell  Pro heat pump belt BR-1050.

Thanks Carlos.  Please keep those tips coming… you can see I’m running out!

December 2011 (From Joe's Corner)
The first tip comes from Randy at Vacuum Cleaner Hospital in Jackson, Mi.   Randy says that the original Hoover platinum shampoo must be used in the newer Hoover steam vacs otherwise the sensor will not shut off.  Thanks Randy.  Meanwhile Paul at A-1 Vacuum in Crest Hill, Ill. says    if you need a Hoover Dimension secondary filter,  buy the EXR-1820 replacement Lux Renaissance filter at .69 per 2 pack and trim them to fit.  Paul also mentioned that if you need the Kenmore 2-wire machine end for the electric hose;  use the 3-wire machine end and disconnect the middle prong and don’t connect the 3rd wire. Thanks Paul.  Are you looking for a belt to fit the Simplicity Freedom?  Try the SR-1000 Singer, Kenmore, GE belt.  Need a Hoover Nano Lite belt?  The Royal style 15 is the same belt.  Essco’s very own Dennis Ronowski mentioned the fact that the Envirocare 852 bag (RSR-1449) will fit the GE/Walmart model 169072 vacuum.  This is a very timely tip considering Walmart has stopped selling these bags. 

Thanks Dennis.  Finally, when buying the machine hose ends for the newer Kirby machines G-5 and newer,  there is no need to purchase the gaskets.  Don at Broyles Vacuum Shop in Knoxville, Tn.  Says that the newer Kirbys have the gasket on the machine and by putting a second gasket on the hose, it will cause the machine end to crack.   Thanks Don.   Remember to keep those tips coming in.

November 2010 (From Joe's Corner)
This tip comes from Richard at AA Vacuum & Allergy World in Elyria, Oh.   Panasonic model MCUG509 uses a P-MC155M ( U12) bag.  This bag should be removed and replaced with a P-MC141M (U6) bag.   The reason is that the U12 bag has a cardboard tab which gets in the way of the door and brakes the latch.  Since the U6 bag doesn’t have the tab;  it will solve the problem.  Thanks Richard.   This next tip comes from Essco’s own Stuart Weinstein.  When adjusting the nozzle height of a metal Royal upright or a Kirby vacuum,  a good trick is to lower the nozzle head all the way down and lift up the nozzle,  adjusting it until you can slide a pencil under the head with only a little drag to it.  This will be the correct height of the nozzle on the carpet. Thanks Stuart.  Meanwhile Essco’s  Fletcher Brown has this Hoover tip.   The Hoover valve assembly Used on the U5751-900  part H-43516009 is a complete assembly with hose and cannot be purchased separately.  This is not to be confused with part H-42246150 which is used on the self propelled Wind tunnel and W2 bagged units and sold as a two piece set. Thanks Fletcher.  Thanks to all who contributed tips and happy holidays!

October 2010 (From Joe's Corner)
  Essco’s own Terry Finger has an important and timely tip.  “Due to the new bedbug infestation in the U.S., dealers should require customers to bring in vacuum cleaners without bags in them and take precautions about unknowingly bringing bedbugs home with them, or contaminating other customers’ vacuums.” Thanks Terry.  Are you looking for a belt for the Simplicity 5000, 7000, and 7 series vacuums?  John Kish here at Essco has the answer.  Essco part FB-1002 is almost identical right down to the buffed outside surface. This belt is slightly narrower but shouldn’t make a difference.  For the 6000, 6 series and Symmetry models, the PR-1015 may be a better fit as this belt is smaller and narrower.  Thanks John.

August 2010 (From Joe's Corner)
  Thanks to Essco’s very own Steve Ambrose for this Kirby tip.  The Kirby bag coupling to attach a conversion bag to a 2-hole coupling is long gone,  and the 3-hole coupling has recently been discontinued.  Essco still has plenty of stock on conversion bags KR-1250-0 tan and KR-1250-5 red.  Instead of the coupling;  simply us a KR-1000 yellow stripe belt as a seal.  If you stretch the belt over the emptor mounting tabs at the end of the exhaust horn, it provides the perfect seal to tighten the clamp located at the bottom of the conversion bag.   Are you looking for a good high-performance replacement Miele canister motor?  Essco’s outside rep in Tennessee, Margo Reid has the answer.  Lamb motor L-115923 is a steal at $39.99.  Thanks Margo.  Do you need a motor for a Carpet Express extractor by Kent Investment Co.  model K-5?  Craig at Brenda’s  Vac Shop in Thorndale,  Pa. says it’s the L-115212-00.  Thanks Craig.  Finally;  Jim at Concord Vacuum Center in Concord, N.C. mentioned that when in need of a hose for Panasonic model MC-CG885 only use part P-94PCPJZV07.  This hose is specific to this machine as the other 3-wire to 2-wire Panasonic hoses will not work as the terminal connections are wired differently.  Thanks Jim. 

July 2010 (From Joe's Corner)
Need a motor for a Carpet Express extractor by Kent Investment Co. model K-5?  Craig at Brenda’s Vac Shop in Thorndale, Pa. says it’s the L-116212-00.  Thanks Craig. Meanwhile Jim at Concord Vacuum Center in Concord, N.C.  mentioned that when in need of a hose for Panasonic model MC-CG885 only use part P-94PCPJZV07.  This hose is specific to this machine as the other 3wire to 2 wire Panasonic hoses will not work as the terminal connections are wired differently.  Thanks Jim. 

July 2010 (From Joe's Corner)
  Attention central vacuum dealers:  Vince at A-1 Central Vacuums in San Diego, Ca. has a way to add $10 - $15 to your next service call.  Sell your customers a high frequency intake muffler.  Essco part #BI-9263 (at a cost of $5.41)  will all but eliminate that ear-piercing high pitched noise associated with central vacuuming. Thanks Vince.   Do you have a Panasonic MC-V7400 or Kenmore Progressive with Direct Drive?  If the brushroll continues to short out………..replace the circuit protector (Essco # P-76FHJZ000) and there will be no need to look further.  Thanks to Marilyn at Best Vacuum in Centennial, Co. for that tip.  Please keep those tips coming in.

May 2010 (From Joe's Corner)
The first tip comes from Essco’s very own Richard Mankoff.  He says “if you’re having problems with the water being pumped on the Bissell carpet extractors;  first check and make sure the seal on the bottom of the tank is in place on the housing.  If you pick up the water tank and the rubber seal is attached to the tank itself, then the machine will not pump any water.  Take the seal off the tank and push it inside the main bottom housing where the tank sits.  Make sure it is as far down as it can be. This is the first thing I check before tearing apart the whole machine to check the heater and pump.”  Thanks Richard.   Have you run into the new Miele S2 series?  Do you need to access the motor and cord reel compartment?  Simply remove the 5 visible screws and pull the body apart from the front.  No need to look on top for further screws.  This applies to the Delphi, Titan, and Olympus models.  Reemember to keep those tip coming!

April 2010 (From Joe's Corner)
Looking for a central vac hose end to fit older style Kenmore valves?  Joe at Built-In Vac in Valley Stream, N.Y. has the answer.  Use the Hoover plastic tool adaptor (HR-5700) and shave off the nipple.  This end will fit inside the Plastiflex and Hayden hoses.   Thanks Joe!  Meanwhile,  Craig at Brenda’s Vac Shop in Thorndale, Pa mentioned that the Hoover solution valves for the V-2 steamers have been coming in mounted backwards.  Simply pull out the valve and turn it around.  Thanks Craig.    Another tip from Craig concerns the Dyson DC-17 Animal.  If the belt tensioner devise on the brushroll is giving you fits;  simply remove this piece and us the Eureka geared belt (E-61121).  This is a slightly shorter belt and will eliminate the need for the belt tensioner.  Thanks again Craig.   If you are in need of a profitable line of vacuums that are well made,  have all the needed bells and whistles,  have two year warranties, and are not being kicked around on the internet…….consider Cirrus.  Three fine models all with metal brushrolls and bottom plates!  They even count towards prepaid freight!  Give ‘em a shot.

Feb 2010 (From Joe's Corner)
 Are you in need of a Sebo tool adaptor?  Brad at Auger and Sons in Rochester, N.H. has the answer:  Essco #FA-4513.  Thanks Brad.  Meanwhile John at Ebersole’s in Willow Street, Pa. knew  that the old Lamb carbon (Essco # KC-4750) will fit the 12amp Hoover Steam Vac motors.  This carbon is a little longer than needed;  so trim back to the desired length.  Thanks John.  Keith at Danny’s Vacuum Shop in Rohnert Park, Ca. mentioned that the Stain-x All-in-One polish (Essco #SS-8078) will free up rusty nuts and bolts.  Also:  Cal Scents Citrus Splash and Orange Squeeze will shine up Kirby vacuums.  Thanks Keith.  Did you know that the Riccar style ‘A’ bag is the same as the Royal ‘T’?  Glenn at Discount Vac and Sew in El Cajon, Ca. did.  He also pointed out that the Hoover Elite belt can be used as a Royal style 15 belt,  and Essco bag FA-1410 will fit the Pullman CV390 and the Kent/Euroclean model GD930.  Thanks for all three tips Glenn.  Finally,  here are a couple of central vacuum tips.  Larry at Central Vacuum of Colorado Springs, Co. said that when using the Eureka Express 3-wire handle set to repair Beam hoses,  be careful not to discard the old handle until you first check the switch wiring as some of the new handles arrived mis-wired.   Thanks Larry.   Have you had trouble determining which motor may be bad in a Powerstar Utopia model?  Perry at Central Vacuum Systems in Pearl, Ms. gave this advice:  Remove the dump out can before running the unit, as the sealed can will create a vacuum.  Thanks Perry.

Dec 2009 (From Joe's Corner)
  Are you in need of a Sebo adaptor?  Brad at Auger and Sons in Rochester, N.H.  has the answer:  Star #48219.  Thanks Brad.  Meanwhile John at Ebersole’s in Willow Street, Pa. new that the old Lamb carbon (Star #34049) will fit the 12amp Hoover Steamvac motors.  This carbon is a little longer than needed;  so trim back to desired length.  Thanks John.  Keith at Danny’s Vacuum Shop in Rohnert Park, Ca. mentioned that the Stain-x All-in-One Polish (Star #36026) will free up rusty nuts and bolts.  Also: Cal Scents Citrus Splash and Orange Squeeze will shine up Kirby Vacuums.  Thanks Keith.    Did you know that the Riccar  style ‘A’ bag is the same as the Royal ‘T’ ?  Glenn at Discount Vac and Sew in El Cajon, Ca. did.  He also pointed out that the Hoover Elite belt can be used as a Royal style 15 belt,  and Star bag #23801 will fit the Pullman CV390 and the Kent/Euroclean model GD930.   Thanks for all three tips Glenn.  Finally a couple of central vacuum tips.  Larry at Central Vacuum of Colorado Springs in Colorado Springs, Co. said that when using the Eureka Express 3-wire handle set to repair Beam hoses,  be carefull not to discard the old handle until you first check the switch wiring.  Some of the new handles arrived mis-wired.  Thanks Larry.   Have you had trouble determining which motor may be bad in a Star Utopia model?  Perry at Central Vacuum Systems in Pearl, Ms.  gave this advice:  Remove the dump out can before running the unit as the sealed can will create a vacuum.  Thanks Perry. 

Feb 10, 2010
Hoover Windtunnel Switches
Hoove has discontinued one of its popular rocker switches commonly used in Windtunnel models.
Click HERE to read the service bulletin.

Dec 11, 2009
Two type of Kirby transmission belts
Kirby Generation series machines use a different geared transmission belt than the newer Sentria series units:

K-554189 : Transmission belt for Generation series units. This belt has 35 teeth and an outside diameter of 2.4"

K-554105: Transmission belt for Sentria units . This belt has 36 teeth and an outside diameter of 2.5".

Nov 9, 2009
Belt Changing Instructions For Panasonic OptiFlow model MC-UG775
Panasonic has had some complaints that changing the belt on the OptiFlow
Model MC-UG775 is difficult. They have relased a guide that shows a simple
step by step procedure to accomplish this task. Click HERE to view the guide.

October 30, 2009
New Oreck Buster B Hose
Oreck no longer make a friction-fit Buster B Hose.
If you have a buster B unit that came equiped with the standard friction-fit hose,
you need to upgrade to the new "Shurlok" hose by purchasing a new "Shurlok" - style hose
along with a matching bag door.
O-72033040327 : New "Shurlok" hose in black
O-097301451 : Bag door that accepts "Shurlok" hose in black

O-72068040431 : "Surlok"-Style hose in white
O-097301453 : Bag door that accepts "Shurlok" hose in white

11.17.09 -  UPDATE: We have found a way to adapt the new "Shurlok" to the old-style bag door.
This will save you the time and cost of installing a new bag door.
Click HERE for the details. (Thanks JK)

July 14, 2009
New Kirby F-style Bags
Every Kirby Sentria made in 2009 were packed with the Style "F" bag.
The standard Generation series paper bag will not fit these units.
There are 3 ways you can tell which bag a particular Sentria unit uses:
1.) On the outside of the original box, check and see what color the original serial number label is.
•Units with the F-style bags will have a YELLOW serial number sticker.
•Units the standard twist-style bag will have a WHITE serial number sticker.

2.) Look at the bag-top adaptor. Units using the F-style paper will have a letter "F" cut out of it on the top.

3.) Check the serial number engraved on the unit itself. Serial numbers 1081201851 (from Cleveland) and 2081204710 (from Texas) and greater use the F-style bags

Click HERE for more info the Kirby F-style filter bags.

June 11, 2009
Dyson Motor Modification For DC07 Units Using a Panasonic Motor
 Dyson used two different motor styles in their DC07 uprights. If you have a unit that has a Panasonic-made motor in it, some modification of the front rubber motor support may be necessary in order to use our replacement DYR-6000 motor. This can be done with a sharp knife by simply trimming away the heavily-ribbed portion of the Dyson front motor support. Discard the trimmed portion and retain the modified front support.  Our part number FQ-350060, which is a motor support gasket for Filter Queen motor, can be modified to support the motor from the sides.  Cut away the thicker area of the FQ-530060 gasket and discard; you will only need the thinner ribbed part. Place this modified Filter Queen gasket around the motor to support it from side to side, and install the motor in the housing. Replace the modified Dyson front motor support, and snap on the motor cover. (This procedure is sound and has worked without flaw in-house; however, is has not been tested for long-term reliability.)

May 28, 2009
Hoover Windtunnel Brushrolls
Hoover now makes their original non-self propelled windtunnel brushroll in
wood. The way to tell the difference between the original and the replacement
is easy:
Original : One endcap is gray and the other is black.
Replacement: Both endcaps are black.

April 22, 2009
Dyson Belt Changing Tool
ESSCO now stocks a DYSON belt changing tool. Part # DYR-7340.

February 18, 2009
Oreck Switches
 For Oreck XL-series uprights with the SWITCH IN THE HANDLE, including the XL21 series, there are now a total of six possible switches.  For all machines with a switch in the base, FA-3400 or the OEM still apply.

 The machines listed are by no means a comprehensive list of all units a particular switch works on.  (There may be exceptions.)  Basically, if you can get the model number, type, and switch description, you should be able to work out what one you need.  Oreck model type is important because they changed to a hardwired handle with different terminal sizes for type 6-7 units.  If an Oreck machine doesn’t state a type on the label, it’s probably a type 1.

  O-010-8830                          1-speed switch w/ wire lead, 3/16” terminals, type 1-5 units
Used on older handle switch, one-speed machines – XL8000 series, XL9000 series,  XL2000 series

O-7555901                           1-speed switch, no wire lead, 1/8” terminals, type 6-7 units
Used on newer handle switch, one-speed machines – XL3000 series, XL4000 series

O-7552301                           1-Speed LIGHTED switch w/ wire lead, 3/16” terminals, type 1-5 units
Used on XL3600 and XL3700 series machines

O-7552303                           1-speed LIGHTED switch, no wire lead, 1/8” terminals, type 6-7 units
Used on XL3600 and XL3700 series machines

O-010-8824                          2-speed switch w/ diode & two wire leads, 1/8” terminals, 3/16” wire lead terminals, type 1-5 units
Used on older handle switch, two-speed machines – XL9000 series, XL2000 series, XL3000 series, XL21 series

O-7558501                           2-speed switch w/ diode, no wire leads, 1/8” terminals, type 6-7 units
Used on newer handle switch, two-speed machines – XL3000 series, XL4000 series, XL21 series



January 22, 2009
Kirby Sentria Lights/Circuit Board
The Kirby Sentria (G10) does not use a lightbulb like the Generation class units.
Instead, the Sentria takes advantage of new LED-style lighting which is part of a printed circuit board.
The individual LED's are not serviceable. In other words, if one gos out, the entire PC must be replaced.
Before servicing the Sentria vacuum, disconnect the machine power cord from the electrical power outlet.
Place the machine on a grounded, anti-static mat. Failure to do so could result in damage to the PC board.
Part # K-164306 (shown below)

December 30, 2008
Kirby Sentria
The Kirby Sentria is also known as the Model G10

November 20, 2008
HEPA Filters for the "E" Series Rexair/Rainbow Canisters
Confused on which HEPA filter to get for the "E" Series machine you're working on ?
There are 3 different filters made. Refer to the pictures below to help you order the correct one.




October 10, 2008
Inexpensive alternative to the Eureka style "Z" belt (E-78983)
Save yourself and your customer the next time you need a Eureka type "Z" belt. (found on 450 series uprights)
The Royal Dirt Devil style 4 & 5 belt is a perfect fit and a lot less expensive (RO-720310 or ROR-1010)

October 8, 2008
Dyson Clutch Removal
How to remove the brushroll and change clutch for DC07, DC14.

 If you will be replacing the clutch or the belts, just cut the belt and make life easy.


If you need to save the belts:

From the side closest the edge of the nozzle, slide 2 long screwdrivers (preferably the same length) under the belt toward the center of the brush- right up to the handles. Put the tips of both screwdrivers in the channel that runs along the front of the brushroll tray. Lift both screwdrivers while a helper twists and rotates the brush from its prison. If you are alone and have strong fingers you may be able to remove the brush with your free hand by stretching the belt and holding the screwdrivers away from the housing with your thumb or forefinger.


With the brush free remove the tray. The belt cover is fastened with 3 screws. The last one is accessed through a hole in the housing near the back edge. You will need a torx t-15 driver with at least a 3” shank to reach it.


Next challenge is to remove the selector knob to free the clutch assembly:


With the handle lowered and the machine lying on the bench with the handle to your right, insert a flat bladed screwdriver underneath the cap and pry up. You will hear a pop as this side unlocks. The tricky part is to flip the machine over, keeping the screwdriver in place to keep it unlocked. On the inside, insert another screwdriver 180 degrees opposite from the first one to pry off the cap.


Now your clutch is nearly free! Pull firmly to release it from the housing.


install your new clutch, belt cover and tray.


To re-install the brush you need to fish the belt through the opening in the tray. Our Handihook (CS-8000) can be modified to a helpful tool. Just make another bend about ½ inch above the first one to form a “J”. Slide the screwdrivers back under the belt, tips into the channel in front, and lift- then work the end of the brush under the belt. You should be able to shift the brush and belt into final position after releasing the screwdrivers.

August 22 2007
-KIRBY BRUSHROLL ISSUE: Over the past several years, it has been believed that you needed only 2 brushrolls for the Kirby Generation (Powerdrive) models. Thus, you stocked part K-156293 for Generation 3 & 4 machines and part K-152597 for G5-Ultimate G machines. Three years ago, Kirby changed the K-152597 to the K-152502 by staggering the bristle into eight 3" rows instead of four 6" rows. Apparently, this design/number change resulted in a 15% increase in cleaning performance. The Diamond Edition and Sentria use a part K-152505. This roller also has eight 3" rows of bristles but the bristles are thinner and stiffer.
Ultinately, to get you Kirby customers the exact roller that came out of their machine you should stock 3 Kirby rollers for the Generation 3-Sentria: K-156293: G3-G4
                                                            K-152502: G5-Ultimate G
                                                            K-152505: Diamond - Sentria

August 12 2007
-DEALERS BE AWARE!! There are now two paper bags that fit Sanitaire Uprights. You can no longer assume that your customer, without a model # for a Sanitaire, needs a "F & G" bag. The new style bag is a "ST" bag that fits series 600 and 800 Sanitaires with a tube extension.

June 30 2007
- When selling Electrolux wands for the Electrolux Guardian or Eureka Oxygen, sell as a set. Typically it is a electrical problem that will run through both wands, not just one.

-To convert Bosch machines to fitall tools, purchase FA-4520.

-To convert Samsung machines to fitall tools, purchase FA-5706.

-In the March 2007 Consumer Reports Magazine, the Top Ten Vacuums listed all took paper bags. 

March 30 2007
- Still have a leaky V2 Extractor Tank? If after changing the tank & valve assemblies, you still are leaking solution try replacing the (pressure) solution valve part no. H-25686057

-Do you use the term "Bojack"?? The word "Bojack" was first used in the 1920's by the workers at the North Canton based Hoover Company. Bojack was a put-down or attempt to devalue any vacuum cleaner not made by Hoover.Thus, a "Bojacker" was a Hoover salesman's competitor.

Feb. 28, 2007
-New Kirby Belt??? Yes, there is a new kiby transmission belt that fits all Diamond Edition and Sentria models produced after 05/05. This belt is Not interchangeable w/any other belt. Part# is K-554105.

-Most Dirt Devil Uprights that require a geared belt that uses either the RO-912425 narrow geared or the RO-912427 wide geared belt. There is now a third geared belt to fit the RY9000/RY9100/RY9200 uprights. The part number is RO-UA0025 .

December 31, 2006 - The Hoover Savvy uprights have 2 motors. A common problem is when a customer brings in a Savvy upright where the main motor works fine but the brushroll motor doesnt work. The problem is not the switch assembly or the brushroll motor in most cases. The problem is the wiring harness between the switch and brushroll motor which is not listed in any schematic. Order part number H-91001033 to get the wiring harness.

November 31, 2006 - Hot New Product! Part Number FA-5525 is a hot new 1 1/4" standard fit attachment. It is a floor tool with a gentle dust mop ring around the suction inlet. Great for hardware floors! Your cost $14.99

October 31, 2006 - Most Dirt Devil uprights that require a geared belt use either the RO-912425 narrow or the RO-912427 wide geared belt. There is now a third geared belt to fit the RY9000/RY9100/RY9200 uprights. The part number is RO-UA0025 .

September 30, 2006 - When changing the transmission or motor on a Generation series Kirby upright you must also change the primary gear on the armature shaft. The new parts may fail if the gear is not changed. Kirby includes the gear with the purchase of the transmission.

August 9, 2006 - The Hoover Tempo Stick vac can use one of two dirt cup filters.
One (H-43615087) comes with a plastic cyclonic cone, the other (H-43615073) does not.
See photos below for easy identification.


July 31, 2006 - The Kirby Ultimate G Diamond Edition requires a different switch than the rest of the Generation series uprights. The Diamond Edition switch contains a circuit board which gives the unit 2 speeds. The part number is K-632703 but the switch is currently restricted by Kirby.

June 31, 2006 - Single brushroll Hoover Savvy uprights have a belt tension pulley that you will not find in any schematic. To get the pulley you must order the clear hood. Part number H-92001024.

May 31, 2006 - The 6500 series canister from Electrolux have a hose receptacle which has wider pin spacing than standard Lux canister hoses. New from Essco is an adaptor that fits on the end of a standard EXR-4014 Hi Tech electric hose. The adaptor EXR-4565 allows the use of the wider 6500 series wand on the standard hose.

April 30, 2006 - Here is how to troubleshoot a new Hoover Savvy U8100 series that is breaking belts. Remove the base from the nozzle cover and expose the brushroll motor. Lift the brushroll motor and observe a round hole halfway up the metal motor housing. This hole aligns with a plastic pin on the base of the unit. If the plastic pin is broken you must replace the base. Part number H-92001041.

Mar. 31, 2006 - Kirby machine hose couplings are now available for G4 and G5 models with an arm that switches the motor to a lower speed for attachment use. The lower speed protects the motor. Part number for G4 is K-211393 and part number for G5 is K-211397.

Feb. 28, 2006 - The Kirby Generation series vacuums have accessories which use the hose to inflate items. When you use the inflator tool you must remove the mini emptor to attach the hose. Kirby also recommends that you remove the nozzle and add the intake guard assembly. This prevents the brushroll from picking up objects and sending them through the hose. Part #K-224693

Dec. 31, 2005 - Maytag has changed the warrenty policy for Hoover parts. All Hoover parts are now under warrenty for 90 days after installation. 

Oct. 31, 2005 - Provac Backpack vacuums have 2 different lids that are not interchangeable. The older style units had a pebbled finish and is taller than the new lid. Use PV-101693. Newer units that have a smooth finish and a logo stamped on the side. Use PV-101935.

Sept 31, 2005 - When you replace the clean water tank on a Hoover V2 Steamer you will receive a kit. You will still need to use the red metering plate from the existing tank.

Aug 31, 2005 - Bissell has discontinued the air box and hose B-603-4685 for older upright extractors. If you only need the hose use Hoover part number H-43431196. It works perfectly!

July 31, 2005 - The Kirby Generation series vacuum cleaner has two speeds. The unit uses high speed when the hose is used and low speed when the nozzle is attached. The power switch controls the speeds. When replacing a switch make sure to stock the K-211093 and K-211097 hose couplings so you can test the high speed attachment setting before returning the customer's sweeper.

June 30, 2005 - Essco now stocks a cord reel assembly to fit late model Kenmore canisters. The unit includes the internal cord stopper used on Kenmore canisters. Order part number P-30781.

May 31, 2005 – HOOVER SAFETY RECALL . Self-propelled vacuum cleaners built between May 1998 and November 1999 model number U6423-900, U6425-900, U6425-950, U6445-900, U6445-960, U6449-900, U6450-900, U6451-900 & U6455-900. ON/OFF switch may fail causing overheating in the tool door/handle. For location of FREE repair service call 1-800-250-6075. 

Feb 31, 2005 – All parts are now available for the Tristar EXL canister. Hoses, power nozzle elbows, filters are now in stock. Don’t turn away any more EXL series repairs.

Jan 15, 2005 - The Filter Queen model 112C 75th Anniversary Edition has a two speed switch. Here is how to troubleshoot your machine. If high speed does not work it has a bad switch. Order FQ-34007. If low speed does not work the pc board is bad. Order FQ-3610

May 31, 2004 – The square slide switch for Electrolux, Hi Tech, 2100, LE models is no longer available. A good substitute is an original Hoover Portapower Switch. Part Number H-28177006.

Oct. 31, 2003 - Hoover extractors use a brush strip or rotating brushes on the nozzle to loosen dirt. A few upright models have a double brush strip. Part number H-48447002 is the double molded brush strip.

Aug 31, 2003 – To replace the Mini Emtor on a Kiby G3 you must also replace the fill tube K-190399 and the fill tube adapter top K-190499. A more inexpensive solution is to order the G4 mini emtor assembly K-199493 which includes the fill tube and adapter top.

July 31, 2003 - Hoover Windtunnel power drive uprights have been experiencing problems with the power drive assembly. Before you replace the entire assembly try ordering the actuator arm part number H-43143046. This item was not available as a separate item until recently. This part may fix your problem and save your customer a very costly repair.

May 31, 2003 - Eureka paper bag confusion. Customers may call you looking for Eureka "A" paper bags. To help them find out what they really need ask them if they have an upright or a canister. If they have an upright give them style "B" paper bag because it replaces the style "A". If they have a canister offer them E-61230 style "OX" paper bags. Eureka’s part number for "OX" paper bags ends with "A" so many customers think they need "A" paper bags.

Jan 15, 2003 - To remove the cover from the cap assembly on the Rainbow E2 you must first remove the 6 hidden screws under the right and left side decal covers. The decal covers can be pried off by carefully inserting a screwdriver along the top edge.

Aug 31, 2002 – To allow the use of 1 ¼ " fitall attachments on on Miele canisters simply use Essco adapter part number FA-4520.

Mar 28, 2002 – The Rexair/Rainbow E2 series has an interlocking rocker switch, which stops the unit from running if the water pan, is off the machine. This switch breaks easily if a customer places the water pan on incorrectly. The machine will not run without a good switch. Part number R-7370.

Feb 28, 2002 - The Electrolux Epic uses a different machine end coupling than other Electrolux Canisters. To replace an Epic hose simply remove the original gas pump handle and add it to our Epic hose blank part number EXR-4020.

July 31, 2001 – When replacing the handle grip on a Kirby Generation Series look on the side of the grip. If you see a threaded brass nut simply order a new grip. If there is no nut you must also order a new screw, part number K-174091. If you need to purchase a handle fork for the Kirby Generation Series you must also buy a new grip. The old one will not fit.

June 30, 2001 - Dealers have been reporting problems when trying to fit the Fantom Lightning Canister wand into the power nozzle neck. To resolve this problem simply bend the female receptacle on the wand outward slightly, the parts will fit together perfectly!

Jan 15, 2001 - Many dealers have been trying to fix Hoover Steamers which seem to run well but will not extract liquids back up from the carpet. Here is one possible solution. If the motor on your extractor has heated up in the past the problem may be a suction leak between the nozzle cover and the motor cover. The motor cover will warp when heated and the single screw holding the nozzle cover to the motor cover will not be enough to retain a tight seal between the two. To fix this problem remove the dirty water tank, unscrew the nozzle cover from the motor cover (1 screw), and replace the motor cover. The part number is H-37196139.

Nov 30, 2000 – The Eureka Bravo and Victory upright brushrolls look identical. To figure out which one your customer has look at the belt end of the brushroll. If you see only 2 edge cleaning bristles it is a Victory brushroll E-54941-1. If it has eight edge cleaning bristles it is a Bravo brushroll E-54325-1.

Oct 31, 2000 – The Rexiar/Rainbow model E may have a motor made by either GS Electric or Ametek Lamb. To tell the difference look for a white sticker on the motor with the part number 7816. After the part number there will be a letter; A = Ametek Lamb G = GS Electric. If there is no sticker, look under the spider. If there is a gasket it is an Ametek motor, if not it is GS Electric.

Aug 31, 2000 – Hoover Windtunnel Powerdrive uprights have been breaking control cables frequently. When you replace the control cable also replace the lower cable guide, part number H-36131101. This will increase the life of the new cable. 

July 31, 2000 – The Dirt Devil Vision with sensor models take 2 of the style 9 belt. ESSCO fine quality replacement belt number SR-1000 is a perfect substitute at a great price.

June 30, 2000 – Sharp commercial uprights have a tendency to wear out where the rear wheel axle contacts the main body of the unit. To alleviate this problem, simply order a Royal belt lifter tool, part number RO-880262. Cut off the flat end and slide the tube onto the axle. The vacuum will last much longer without damage now.

April 30, 2000 – Sanyo’s Dirt Hunter uprights are a big hit and here is an idea to make them operate even better. The adapter, which connects the wand to the lower hose, is loose and if lost or misplaced will not allow the vacuum to be used as an upright. To fix this, simply glue the adapter to the lower wand using Pliobond (SS-8030) before selling the vacuum. The unit will demo and perform much better.

Mar 31, 2000 - The Dirt Devil Vision Cyclonic Uprights use a perma filter cartridge inside the dirt container. Vision models made before January 1999 have a pillar shaped filter, which will not interchange. To retrofit an earlier mode,l simply replace the dirt cup also. Part number is RO-690040.

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